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To ensure you receive all critical correspondence, including process updates and housing offers, Housing Services HIGHLY RECOMMENDS updating your spam filters to exclude uclahousing@housing.ucla.edu.

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Portal Tips

Double Dashes ("--")

Please do not use double dashes in any text boxes you complete or emails you send through the portal. The portal will generate an error when it encounters an attempt to insert double dashes into the database that stores information from the portal.

Term Selector

Term Selector pages in the portal are used to indicate which range of dates best describes when you would like to move into University Housing. At times, two academic years may be options at the same time, so choose carefully. Also, do not apply for the Full Academic Year if you plan to arrive for the Winter or Spring Quarter.

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Housing Services Office
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(310) 206-7011


For hours and availability, review the Contact Us webpage.

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